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Name: Terraform
Go to: Press kit page
Download: Android - Google Play | PC - GamersGate
Android: Released in 2012
Steam: Release: May 8th 2015


Terraform is a relaxing turn based puzzle game set in the future. In the android version you will alter over 160 planets to allow settlements and forests to survive. Planets are made of hexagonal tiles that can be altered using many different tools and weathers. Use rain weather to fill a dried out lake with water, hot weather to prevent forests from expanding too far or burn them down, spread deserts and more.


* 13 unique hexagon tiles, including mountains, water, soil, forests, deserts, settlements and volcanoes *
* 4 weather types! Fair, rain, hot, and snow! *
* 12 different tools to alter the environment, including seeds, settlers and asteroids *
* Turn-based gameplay. Sit back, relax and think about your next move *
* Natural disasters like forest fires and hurricanes *
* Take yourself through University, your first job and finally take down the big corporations by yourself *
* Undo-system. If you ever make a mistake, or just miss clicked, just undo it. *
* Terraform ratings and online leaderboards. Clear levels more effectively to increase your score. *

Create Natural disasters like forest fires and hurricanes and use them to Terraform planets to reach your goal of becoming the most renown Terraformer in the Galaxy.
Different tools can be used like, shovels to dig a path for water to flow, plants to create forests, asteroids to create huge craters to fill with water, the windwaker to change the wind direction and many more.
Compare your Terraform rating with others online. On each level you can see what the best online record is as well as upload your total score and compare on the leader-boards.