Terraform Press kit

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Terraform: Press kit

Fact Sheet

  • Genre: Turn-based puzzle / Simulation
  • Developer: Holgersson Entertainment
  • Release Date: May 8th 2015
  • Platform pages: Steam Page, Google Play
  • File Size: 102MB
  • Press contact: contact@holgerssonentertainment.com
  • Description

    Set in the far future where terraforming is a huge business, you start as a student, learning the craft of terraforming and strive to become the biggest of them all. Work your way through over 200 different planets, starting with the basics at Terraform University and moving on to stable employment and even starting your own business. Alter the environment of the planets by using tools like settlers, asteroid impacts and controlling the wind. Create planet sized forest fires and giant hurricanes by controlling the weather conditions of the planets.

    Terraform is a relaxing turn based puzzle game set in the future. Alter over 200 planets to allow settlements and forests to survive. Planets are made of hexagonal tiles that can be altered using many different tools and weather conditions. Use rain weather to fill a dried out lake with water, hot weather to prevent forests from expanding too far or burn them down, spread deserts and more.

    Key Features

  • 220 Planets to solve
  • 13 unique hexagon tiles - including mountains, water, soil, forests, deserts, settlements and volcanoes
  • 4 weather types Fair, rainy, hot and snow
  • 13 different tools to alter the environment - including forest seeds, settlers and asteroids
  • Level editor
  • Steam workshop integration - Make, share, download and play community planets
  • Turn-based gameplay - Sit back, relax and think about your next move
  • Natural disasters - Start forest fires and create hurricanes
  • Terraform ratings and online leaderboards - Clear planets more effectively to increase your score
  • Screenshots

    Download all screenshots: Download zip



    Download all Logos / Icons: Download zip


  • Design and Programming: Jonas Holgersson
  • Music: Johnny S. Olson
  • Art: Patrik Spacek
  • Art: Jonas Holgersson